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Every employer faces a common and fundamental goal – to attract and retain a talented employee base, and offer top-notch HR services and solutions. Especially as employee benefits management becomes increasingly time-consuming, costly, and complex, making sure you have the right benefits technology solutions plays a much more strategic role in the performance of your organization. That’s why it’s time for you and your employees to start experiencing the benefits of Benergy.

With an enhanced line of innovative online benefits technology solutions, Benergy Interworks™ can help you attract talented employees, and keep them informed, engaged, and connected, while significantly streamlining the way you’re managing benefits.

Benergy solutions are trusted by thousands of employers and millions of employees across the U.S.

Help employees make smart benefits decisions for themselves and their families with the Benergy Communications platform. This one-stop communications platform gives employees easy access to centralized online information about benefits, health and wellness issues, and HR materials.

Maximize HR personnel time and minimize burdensome administrative tasks by cutting down on the time they currently spend providing employees with routine HR information, sending basic forms, and answering day-to-day HR questions. With a personalized portal all of that information is available to employees online 24/7 through their own secure online log-in.


  • Provide self-service access to benefits information
  • Allow employees to realize the “hidden” value of their paycheck through the Real Value Statement
  • Give employees the ability to calculate benefits costs through the financial calculator
  • Guide employees in making educated decisions through plan comparisons
  • Create behavior change and a culture of wellness through health management tools
  • Achieve HR compliance through required benefits documentation
  • Help employees track their medical history and other important health information with the Personal Health Record