A.D.A.M. is the most credible and innovative source of health care information and multimedia visual learning assets for hospitals, health care organizations, educational institutions, employers and the pharmaceutical industry. It represents the world's leading online clinical and consumer health information library, with more than 22,000 searchable assets, including more than 8,800 articles, nearly 3,000 illustrations, and 85,000 internal hyperlinks.

Trusted by millions of users on a daily basis, all of A.D.A.M.'s content goes through a rigorous URAC accreditation process to meet the latest regulatory guidelines, and to ensure the most clinically accurate and current information.

With decades of experience, A.D.A.M. provides world-class client service, strategic consultation and flexible implementation options to help you maximize the benefits of its expanding suite of health care products.

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History of A.D.A.M.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Johns Creek, Georgia, A.D.A.M., Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine, has been a worldwide leading provider of consumer health information and benefits technology solutions to health care organizations, hospitals, benefits brokers, employers, consumers, and educational institutions. A.D.A.M. solutions engage consumers to better understand their health, wellness and benefits choices, and provide the tools to assist them in making personalized health and benefits decisions, while helping health care organizations and employers reduce the costs of health care and benefits administration.

In 2011, Ebix, Inc. acquired A.D.A.M. to further strengthen its Exchange channel in the health information and services areas for employers, benefit brokers, hospitals, search engines, media, health care organizations, brokers and insurance carriers.

In 2012, Montreal-based Taimma Communications Inc., a leading provider of innovative eLearning medical education solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care industries, was purchased by Ebix, Inc. and merged into its A.D.A.M. division.

In 2014, Ebix, Inc. acquired www.HealthcareMagic.com (also known as Ask A Doctor) - a medical advisory service with an online network of approximately 15,000 general physicians and surgeons spread across 50 specialties, including alternative medicine

In 2014, Birmingham-based Oakstone Publishing, a leading provider of continuing education, certification materials for physicians, dentists and allied healthcare professionals, as well as wellness resources for organizations, was purchased and integrated into its A.D.A.M. division.

In 2015, Via Media Health, a provider of medical content and communication services to the health sector in India, was acquired and integrated into its A.D.A.M. division.

A.D.A.M. is a business unit of Ebix, Inc. and is a NASDAQ-traded public company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Ebix, Inc.

A leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, Ebix, Inc., (NASDAQ: EBIX) provides end-to-end solutions ranging from infrastructure exchanges, carrier systems, agency systems and risk compliance solutions to custom software development for all entities involved in the insurance industry.

With 35+ offices across Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, the US and the UK, Ebix powers multiple exchanges across the world in the field of life, annuity, health and property & casualty insurance. Through its various SaaS-based software platforms, Ebix employs hundreds of insurance and technology professionals to provide products, support and consultancy to thousands of customers on six continents. For more information, visit the Company's website at http://www.ebix.com.


Why Choose A.D.A.M.?

mobilefriendly Consistent

It may seem intuitive to expect health information across your enterprise to be consistent, regardless of where and how it is accessed, but only A.D.A.M. can deliver on that promise.

Since A.D.A.M. creates and manages all of its content, organizations can be assured of getting one consistent source for high quality, accurate information. Whether it’s web, print, video, mobile, or interactive content, A.D.A.M. supports all of the functional areas in your organization, including clinical, patient education, marketing and more.

icon_key_feature_simple Credible

For more than 20 years, A.D.A.M. has been developing health content trusted by leading health care organizations, offering an unmatched breadth and depth of topics plus medical illustrations that are second to none. All of the content goes through rigorous Meaningful Use and URAC accreditation processes to meet the latest regulatory guidelines and ensure the most clinically accurate and current information.

icon_key_feature_opennavigation Connected

Only A.D.A.M. provides the unique combination of award-winning content and multimedia assets, with innovative, interactive tools to intuitively guide consumers to the specific information they need. Throughout the SmartHealth Platform, solutions are designed to connect consumers and patients with your organization…and to keep them there.

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