With its unmatched expertise in creating specialized medical and health content trusted by leading health care organizations for more than 20 years, A.D.A.M is well placed to understand the changing needs of the health care sector in India. A.D.A.M houses the world's leading online clinical and consumer health information library, with more than 22,000 searchable assets, including more than 8,800 articles, nearly 3,000 illustrations, and 85,000 internal hyperlinks.

Trusted by millions of users on a daily basis, all of A.D.A.M.'s content goes through a rigorous URAC accreditation process to meet the latest regulatory guidelines, and to ensure the most clinically accurate and current information.

With such an unmatched lineage, A.D.A.M India now seeks to make this unmatched content repository available to the health sector in India. Through a well thought out content strategy that brings together medical, research-led, experiential and inspirational content, A.D.A.M India aims to fuel knowledge exchange in diverse areas of healthcare including healthcare delivery, diagnostics, consumer health, pharmaceuticals and public health.

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A.D.A.M. OnDemand is the most comprehensive library of off-the-shelf medical eLearning programs for patients, students, health care professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.
Our In Depth Reports are designed for health information seekers looking for more comprehensive and detailed information about common chronic diseases and wellness issues like cholesterol, lung cancer, heart disease and smoking.
Adamimages.com is one of the world’s largest libraries of medical illustrations with nearly 30,000 detailed and medically accurate images ready for immediate download.