Providing vital medication information for patients and caregivers.

With Micromedex® Medication Instructions and Drug Interactions, you can provide vital medication information for patients and caregivers. Used together, Micromedex Medication Instructions and Drug Interactions provide important information, such as how to take a medication, what to avoid while taking it, possible side effects, and drug interactions—for more than 2,200 generic and brand name medications.

With more than 8,000 unique drug terms, Micromedex Drug Interactions allows patients, plan members, or web site visitors to check for interacting drug ingredients, their effects, and their clinical significance.


  • Support patient safety through interaction information
  • Reduce the risks associated with prescribing medications, and related care
  • Provide a critical service to patients making your organization a trusted and valuable source of information
  • Improve patient satisfaction by providing complete patient education on your site



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